How Do You Remove The Plastic Trim Rails Off The Bed Rails Of A Silverado?

How do you remove truck bed rails?

How to Remove Truck Bed Rails

  1. Unscrew the the fastener at the rear end of one of the bed rails.
  2. Unscrew the fastener at the front end of the bed rail.
  3. Remove the bed rail.
  4. Repeat this process with the remaining rail.

What are truck bed rail caps?

Durable – Bed caps are made to last and work by saving your truck body from damage when loading your truck bed. Coverage – Old trucks can look like new by adding Bed Caps to conceal old scratches and dents. The new design hides years of heavy abuse.

How do you remove the bed rail cap on a Toyota Tundra?

Bed Rail Cap Off: Method: cut small pieces of sheet metal and slide them into the outer holes and hold with a small magnet. Mix some 4 minute JB KwikWeld and apply to metal and bed rail to bond the two. Allow to set for 5 minutes, remove magnet and move to next one.

What are truck bed rails used for?

These rails can serve as tie-down points for larger items that are being transported within the truck bed, and they can also be used as protection against dents and dings from objects that may be hanging over the side of the truck bed.

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What is a tailgate cover?

Tailgate pads secure your bikes over the tailgate of your truck while protecting both from damage.

What is fleetside vs Stepside?

The Chevrolet Fleetside pickup truck has a slabsided cargo box in which the width of the box extends over the rear wheels, allowing the box more cargo space. In contrast, a stepside pickup features a more narrow cargo box in which the rear wheels are outside the box and covered by the fenders.

What are bed side rails?

What Are Bed Rails? Bed rails are railings that go along the side of a bed and often connect to both the headboard and footboard, preventing a person lying in bed from rolling out easily.

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