How To Remove Plastic Lock On Electric Meter?

How do I remove the tamper tag from my electric meter?

If you want to remove the electric meter tamper tag, you have to contact your electrical company and ask them to remove it. While you could technically use wire cutters to remove the tag, doing so will cause you to get fined.

How do you remove a padlock seal?

The trick to defeating tamper-indicating seals

  1. The vinyl tamper-indicating tape can be defeated using packing tape, a razor blade, and (optionally) a heat gun.
  2. The blue padlock seal can be defeated with a portable drill and a couple of jigs that I made from scrap metal.

Can you remove an electric meter?

Your electricity meter may not be in the ideal place, or you may simply not need it anymore. You cannot legally remove an existing meter yourself, so it’s important that you choose a specialist company to complete the work.

What does a green tag on electric meter mean?

Green or Grey – Active. Red – Inactive for any reason. Black – Active, Meter Services. Yellow – Active, Meter Reader (found a missing seal) Blue – Active, Contractor.

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Can magnets slow down an electric meter?

Tamperers say that strategically placed magnets can slow the spinning metal wheel that measures consumption in old-style analog meters. Utilities do not take magnets lightly, Texas plumber James Hutcheson learned in 2014.

Why is my prepaid electricity meter blocked?

This means that the municipality has placed a block on your meter, stopping you from making a prepaid electricity purchases. This means that you would have to contact the municipality directly to sort this out as a token can only be issued once this has been resolved.

How do you remove a security seal?

Simple disconnecting the parts of the seal without damage (destroying) is followed by compound and re-installing the seal and is the most common method of removing and re-hanging the seals. A “lever” is one of the methods of separation the seal parts which uses creative resources – the needles, awl, knife etc.

How do you cut a meter lock?

How To (Legally) Cut The Lock On Your Electric Meter

  1. Call your local service provider to see if you can get an appointment to get the meter seal cut.
  2. Get a permit to cut the meter seal.
  3. Once you have obtained the permit to cut the lock, go for it.

What happens if you remove your electric meter?

You can still have the infrastructure for electricity but if you don’t register an electric meter within 6 months of the original meter being removed, the electricity supply will be disconnected from the source. You will then need to apply for a new electricity connection.

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How do I turn off my electric meter?

How to Switch Off the Electric Meter

  1. Put on rubber boots and gloves.
  2. Locate your circuit breaker and shut off the main power breaker.
  3. Walk around to the side of your home where your electric meter is located and remove the locking tab that hangs from the bottom of the outer panel.

Can you change your own electric meter?

You can’t move the meter yourself – it’s illegal.

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