How To Remove Plastic Tubing From Compression Fitting?

How do I remove a compression fitting tubing?

Cut the hose about 1 inch from the fitting if it cannot be pulled apart. Slice long ways through both sides of the hose up to the edge of the fitting. Grasp the hose with a pair of needlenose pliers and twist and pull it until it comes out.

How do I remove ferrule from plastic tubing?

Grip the nut closest to the wall or floor with a pair of pliers. Hold onto the front of the angle stop so it stays in place. Turn the nut clockwise to loosen it from the angle stop. Then you can turn the nut by hand until it detaches from the angle stop to reveal the ferrule wrapped around your pipe.

Can you remove compression fitting?

You usually have to cut it off. Shut off the water to the pipe from which you are going to remove the compression fitting. Hold the male end of the fitting steady with a pair of adjustable pliers. Turn the compression nut counterclockwise relative to the male part of the fitting with another pair of adjustable pliers.

Can you reuse drip compression fittings?

In addition to being hard to install, compression fittings are not reusable. Once inserted into tubing, these fittings can not be removed.

Why is my compression fitting leaking?

If the pipe gets bent back and forth, the compression fitting could eventually spring a leak. Another thing that’ll you’ll want to avoid is using a double compression fitting to lengthen a pipe unless you’re using it under your kitchen sink. Over tightening a compression fitting can also cause the fitting to leak.

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