Often asked: When To Remove Plastic Tree Guards?

When should tree guards be removed?

Once the tree has grown to 3m, you should be able to remove your tree guards. Careful formative pruning can prevent problems in later life – but shouldn’t be done until the tree has gone into dormancy for the winter, to prevent new growth occurring which is too vulnerable to survive the colder winter months.

How long do tree guards last?

To be effective, shelters and guards need to be robust enough to cover the establishment period. This could be for only a few years, but on challenging sites this may be well beyond five years. Tree establishment is a critical period in the creation and management of woodland.

What are tree guards used for?

A tree shelter, tree guard or tree tube (sometimes also Tuley tube) is a structure that protects planted tree saplings from browsing animals and other dangers as the trees grow.

Are plastic tree guards recyclable?

Tree shelters and guards can be made from a wide range of materials. To date, most have been made from plastics made from petrochemicals. These are not biodegradable and must be removed after use and recycled.

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Should I use tree wrap?

The main reason to wrap a tree trunk is to prevent sun-scalding, which occurs in winter and early spring. Trees on the south side of buildings are most susceptible, especially the southwest side of the tree. Owners also wrap some trees year-round to prevent damage to the bark.

Why do they put plastic around trees?

A white piece of plastic tubing is cut to length of the tree being transplanted and next cut lengthwise to fit around a newly planted tree. sun damage, mechanical damage such as weed whackers, deter deer from rubbing, discourage rodents from eating the bark of trees and more.

Do you need to cover newly planted trees?

Young trees will need to be draped in protective material to help conserve their heat when temperatures start to drop. Make sure your cover is large enough to reach the ground and is firmly staked down to prevent heat loss.

Do trees need maintenance?

Much like we all need a haircut every few weeks, trees need to be trimmed to maintain their beautiful, healthy appearance. Regular tree trimming is important to remove dead branches and leaves so new ones can grow. You may also find that your tree needs some trimming if it’s getting a bit too close to the house.

How do you protect a newly planted tree?

Use a white commercial tree wrap or plastic tree guards. Do not use brown paper tree wrap or black colored tree guards as they will absorb heat from the sun. Wrap newly planted trees for at least two winters and thin-barked species up to five winters or more.

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How tall should a tree guard be?

Take the average height and add about 18 inches, which gives you a tree guard height of about 52 inches, or a 4- to 5-foot-tall guard. Because the buck lowers its head to rub the antlers on the tree, a guard of this height should give your tree plenty of protection.

Are tree tubes recyclable?

As most tree tubes are made from PP, they can be easily recycled even though they are probably stained with 8-10 years of moss, weather and creature frass etc.

Are Corflute tree guards recyclable?

All of our Corflute range are recyclable through our GreenCycle program; Click this link to find out more!

Do conifers need tree guards?

Which Species should I protect? You need to protect most broadleaved trees and conifers. The exception to this is would be the Wayfaring trees and Yew, Alder is less palatable but also can get nibbled.

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