Question: Should I Remove My Plastic Steps From My Pool When Closing?

Do you have to remove pool steps for winter?

We strongly recommend pool ladders and steps be removed from the swimming pool during the off season (winter months). For safety reasons this also applies to pools located in warmer climates. Unsupervised access to the pool must not be allowed. Carefully lift the pool ladder or step over the pool wall.

Do you remove ladder when closing pool?

Follow the guidelines below to close your own swimming pool this winter! 1. Remove ladders and accessories. Also remove any handrails, fill spouts, eyeball fittings, pool cleaners and skimmer baskets.

Can you close a pool with leaves in it?

Yes, algae will stain your floor and walls if you do leave it in there for too long. But it becomes more than that. As the leaves decay and the algae builds up, the bacteria continue to multiply. If you close your pool before cleaning it, it can harbor bacteria like E-coli.

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How do I prepare my pool for closing?

Top Ten Tips for Closing Your Pool

  1. Begin Winterizing One Week Before Closing Your Pool.
  2. Brush and Vacuum To Remove All Debris.
  3. Manage Your Water Level.
  4. Balance the Pool Chemistry.
  5. Shock and Chlorinate Your Pool.
  6. Backwash Your Pool Filter.
  7. Drain Pool Lines and Add Pool Antifreeze (for freezing temperatures only)

Should you remove diving board for winter?

Additionally, an uncovered diving board can become damaged over time by harsh winter weather. A proper diving board cover should be fast to put on and remove, making it an easy task to add to the yearly winterizing process.

What chemicals are needed to close a pool?

What chemicals are needed to close an inground pool?

  • pH should be between 7.2 – 7.4.
  • Total Alkalinity should range between 80-120 ppm.
  • Calcium Hardness should range between 200-400 ppm.
  • Free chlorine should range between 1.5-2.5 ppm.

When should you close your pool?

It is best to close your pool when the temperature of the water is consistently below 60 degrees. Once the water temperature drops below 60 degrees, microorganisms and algae cannot grow and become dormant for the winter season.

What is included in a pool closing kit?

This kit comes with high-quality winter stain-away, winterized algaecide, and pool shock, as well as a time-release pool floater, which allows you to keep your pool clean all winter.

Can I close my pool if it is green?

If your pool has been green all season you’re probably super excited to close it. While it seems like the easiest option – it’s not! You are guaranteed to open your pool green, and it will require a lot more attention than had you closed it clean.

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Is it bad to close a pool with algae?

Closing a pool that is green with algae, or dirty with debris or with water that is unbalanced, leads to heavy staining and saturation of the water with dead algae cells, which makes it easier for subsequent generations to grow.

What happens if you don’t winterize your pool?

The harsh weather conditions throughout the winter season can create potential damage to more than just the pipes. What happens when you don’t winterize your pool is that the water could turn green with algae. If the chlorine system stops functioning, you’ll say adieu to the beautiful blue pool you know and love.

How do you close an inground pool permanently?

Use a jackhammer, sledgehammer, or other tool to smash holes into the bottom of the pool. This will allow water to drain out of it in the future. Remove any top decking concrete walkways, coping tiles and any other concrete around the pool that you don’t want anymore. Toss it into the pool over the holes you have made.

What can you do with an inground pool you don’t want?

If you don’t go the Deckover route, following are a few other options during the time when your swimming pool is empty and/or you no longer want to use your pool for swimming: Turn your pool into a skateboard park. Watch kids play games inside an empty swimming pool. Host a party inside your empty pool.

Can I keep my pool closed all summer?

Leaving the pool closed all summer is a guaranteed way to end up with a green, smelly mess and permanent stains or damage to the pool surfaces. Another thing you will need to maintain is the water level in the pool. If you have a safety cover, rainfall will raise the pool water levels.

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