Readers ask: How To Remove Mold From Plastic Shower Curtain?

How do you get mold off a plastic shower curtain?

Clean those ugly mildew stains off your plastic shower curtain by putting it and a couple of soiled towels in your washing machine. Add 1/2 cup laundry detergent and 1/2 cup baking soda to the load, and wash it in warm water on your machine’s regular cycle. Add 1 cup white vinegar to the first rinse.

Will vinegar remove mold from shower curtain?

A cup of white vinegar added to the rinse cycle will help remove black mold too. After washing, hang the curtain outside to dry in the sunshine.

Can you use bleach on a plastic shower curtain?

There are two alternate methods for how to clean a shower curtain liner or curtain with stubborn stains. For the more stubborn stains, run in the washing machine as above, but use mixture of 1/2 cup chlorine bleach and 1/4 cup mild laundry detergent. Only use bleach on white or transparent shower curtains.

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How do you clean plastic shower curtain liner?

Washing a plastic shower curtain requires you to add either a half cup of color-safe bleach, detergent, vinegar or baking soda to your washing cycle along with a few towels on a cool setting. Make sure not to mix any of these cleaning items, as they could cause a reaction to each other.

How often should you replace your shower curtain liner?

There’s a simple answer to both questions. If your bathroom is stuffy and/or you live in a humid state, you need to replace your shower curtain liner every six months. Now, between replacing those curtains, you’re going to want to wash that liner monthly.

Should you keep shower curtain open or closed?

The proper thing to do is to close the shower curtain after showering. Everyone who comes into the bathroom can tell if the shower is dirty if the curtain is open. If the curtain is closed, bacteria and mold will grow in the folds because it can’t air out.

How do you get mold and mildew out of a fabric shower curtain?

Lay the shower curtain down on a flat surface and spray a solution of two parts hydrogen peroxide and one part water onto the fabric. Allow the hydrogen peroxide to sit for five to ten minutes. Thoroughly rinse. Make a paste of either equal parts baking soda and water and scrub the mold from the shower curtain.

How do I clean the bottom of my shower curtain?

If the bottom of your shower curtain is extra grimy, use a brush or sponge on the lower section to help loosen soap, dirt, and odor-causing bacteria. Rinse the shower curtain and liner from top down with a handheld shower head, a watering can, or a bottle or bucket filled with water.

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How long do you soak plastic shower curtain in bleach?

Removing Tough Stains Like mentioned above, you can add bleach to the wash cycle, or if that doesn’t do the trick, you can fill your tub up with warm water, take down the shower curtain, and allow it to soak in a solution of warm water and one cup of bleach for 20 to 30 minutes.

How do you clean a fabric shower liner?

Choose Your Cleaning Method Begin by removing the plastic liner from the rod. Next, add your usual amount of laundry detergent and 1/3 cup of bleach, like Clorox Disinfecting Bleach ($4.49,, in hot water on the gentle washing cycle. After you finish the load, hang the liner and let it air dry.

Can I wash plastic shower liner?

There are two ways you can wash a plastic shower curtain or liner, and neither of them requires too much effort. Method 1: Use the washing machine: Use a combination of warm water, vinegar, gentle laundry detergent, and baking soda for the wash. Pick any of the cleaners listed, but not all of them at the same time.

How do you clean a plastic shower curtain with a magnet?

Preserve the longevity of a shower curtain with magnets and allow the curtain to hang dry rather than tossing it into a dryer. When in doubt, choose to wash a shower curtain with magnets by hand using a bleach solution, dish detergent, or baking soda and vinegar.

Can you put plastic shower liner in dryer?

Don’t put it in the dryer. As soon as your shower curtain is finished washing, hang it back on the rod and let it air dry. Your dryer can melt or distort certain fabrics.

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