Readers ask: How To Remove Plastic Electrical Outlet Box Cemented Into Brick Wall?

How do you remove plastic electrical box from wall?

Cut a hole around the box with a drywall saw if it isn’t a remodeling box. Make the hole dimensions 2 or more inches bigger than the box so you can access the nails holding the box to the wall. Pull out the nails with a pry bar or pliers and remove the box.

How do you remove electrical wires from a wall?

Unscrew the terminals holding the wires in place with a screwdriver. Pull the wires off the terminals. Bend the wires back with a pair of needlenose pliers, if needed, so you can pull off the wires.

What is the difference between old work and new work electrical boxes?

New work boxes, designed to be installed just after the wall is framed but. They attach to studs. Old work (also called retrofit) boxes, designed to be installed after the walls are finished and are used during remodeling projects.

How do I remove old electrical wires?

This loosens the wires, and you can simply pull them through. For modern stapled-up wiring, grip the staples with the tip of a pair of diagonal pliers, then lever downward to remove them. You can also use a tack puller, a small tool that looks like a forked screwdriver with a bend in its shaft.

What is a pancake electrical box?

Round pan, or “pancake,” boxes typically are only 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch deep. They are used most commonly for ceiling- or wall-mounted light fixtures that weigh no more than 50 pounds. These are shallow electrical boxes with only enough space for fitting two or three electrical connections.

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