Readers ask: How To Remove Plastic Push To Connect Fittings?

How do you remove push from water fittings?

Simply snap the pipe-removal tool over the pipe, press it hard against the fitting, and twist out the pipe. Tip #2 Both metal and plastic push-on fittings, whether T-fittings, couplings, reducers, and all others, can accommodate CPVC, PEX, and copper pipe.

Can you remove copper push fit fittings?

All you do is hook it over the pipe just next to the coupling and then rotate it while pulling. The pulling unlocks the tiny steel teeth from the copper pipe and the rotating ensures that all teeth all round the pipe are released.

Can you reuse push fit connectors?

Certain push-fit fittings, such as Speedfit brand, can be removed by hand and reused. Others may need a special tool to remove them for reuse. Some brands cannot be reused at all.

How do you remove barb fittings?

Soak the tubing in scalding hot water. If the tubing is in an area where the use of water isn’t possible, heat the hose with a hair dryer. Twist the tubing back and forth until it pulls off of the barbed fitting. The heat will help expand and soften the tubing until it can be pulled off the barbs.

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